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Crawler excavators are versatile heavy construction machines used for a wide range of applications. They excel at digging and excavating tasks, making them invaluable in construction projects such as digging foundations, trenching, and land grading.


Additionally, their adaptability allows them to be equipped with various attachments, including buckets, hydraulic hammers, and grapples, enabling tasks like demolition, material handling, and forestry work.


Crawler excavators are also employed in mining operations, road building, and utility maintenance, making them essential equipment in the construction and infrastructure development industries.

Develon (Black).png

Develon DX140LC

Engine Power = 95 hp

Operating Weight = 14 tn

Bucket Capacity = 0.51 m3


Develon DX225LCA

Engine Power = 148 hp

Operating Weight =  22 tn

Bucket Capacity = 0.81-1.17 m3


Develon DX450LCA

Engine Power = 345 hp

Operating Weight = 46 tn

Bucket Capacity = 1.44-2.72 m3


Develon DX140LCA

Engine Power = 95 hp

Operating Weight = 14 tn

Bucket Capacity = 0.51 m3


Develon DX300LCA

Engine Power = 197 hp

Operating Weight = 30 tn

Bucket Capacity = 0.80-1.75 m3


Develon DX530LCA

Engine Power = 394 hp

Operating Weight = 55 tn

Bucket Capacity = 3.2 m3


Develon DX220LCA

Engine Power = 158 hp

Operating Weight = 21 tn

Bucket Capacity = 0.93 m3


Develon DX360LCA

Engine Power = 319 hp

Operating Weight = 38 tn

Bucket Capacity = 1.25-1.83 m3

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