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Outboard engines are a type of propulsion system commonly used in small to medium-sized boats. These engines are mounted externally on the transom of the boat, with the majority of the engine's components, including the motor, gearbox, and propeller, positioned outside the hull. One of the key advantages of outboard engines is their versatility, as they can be easily removed and replaced, making them a popular choice for various boat types, from fishing boats and recreational vessels to pontoon boats. The ability to tilt the outboard motor upward also allows boats to navigate in shallow waters, making them suitable for a wide range of marine environments.

With the motor positioned externally, routine maintenance tasks such as checking oil levels, changing spark plugs, and inspecting the propeller can be easily performed. This accessibility, coupled with the fact that outboard engines are self-contained units, simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces downtime. Additionally, the outboard engine's portability facilitates transportation and storage, making it convenient for boat owners to winterize or store their vessels when not in use. Overall, outboard engines offer a practical and efficient solution for boat propulsion, combining performance, ease of maintenance, and adaptability to various boating needs.

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ProKicker 4-Stroke 9.9 - 25 HP


SeaPro 2-Stroke 15 - 300 HP


Verado 250 - 400 HP

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