Daily Service Routine

End of the work day Fuel up the excavator Fuel tank, this prevents moisture from entering the diesel fuel tank due to condensation.

In the morning before starting the engine drain out water from the fuel tank which got to settle overnight.

Walk around machine to inspect for any oil leakages or lose components

Check oil levels:

  • Hydraulic oil level
  • Engine oil level
  • Swing reduction oil level

Start up the excavator engine and run for approximately 2 minutes before exercising hydraulic movements.

Start exercising every movement by 3 – 5 times at half turn of throttle dial, to warm up Hydraulic oil.

NOTE: Not full strokes of every cylinder movement.

Greasing of attachments:

  1. Greasing of the Ring Gear, 2 grease points every 50 hours
    NOTE: Slow strokes with grease gun, to fast will push out seals

    • Swing machine 360° and every 90° grease 2 points
  2. Grease all pins in front attachments Boom, Arm and Bucket every 5 to 10 hours.

Lift one side track and rotate to clean and check track tension.

NOTE: directly in the middle of track frame by measuring distance between Bottom of track frame and Top of Track-pad.

  • Less than 12.60 inch causes excessive wear
    Most terrain       13 – 14 Inch

Ready to start full operation