Service Tips

Quick Coupler Safety Tips

Quick couplers are used on most job sites. Using quick couplers safely and responsibly can reduce risk of injury and damage on the job. Follow the below tips to make sure you are taking proper precautions when using quick couplers for your attachments. Take Precautions Train your operators To prevent accidents related to quick coupler…

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Daily Service Routine

End of the work day Fuel up the excavator Fuel tank, this prevents moisture from entering the diesel fuel tank due to condensation. In the morning before starting the engine drain out water from the fuel tank which got to settle overnight. Walk around machine to inspect for any oil leakages or lose components Check…

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Adjusting Tension

Improper tension Loose tracks can detrack. Over-tightening can cause power loss, excessive roller and idler wear, and could tear the tracks. Refer to your operator’s manual for track inspection and tensioning procedures. How to adjust Track tension is controlled by a track adjuster located behind the front idler. Tension adjustments are made by pumping or…

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